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The State of the Project

Since The Qt Company stopped working on Qbs, it has been developed by the open-source community. We greatly improved the project since then, added a lot of new features and reworked core parts to boost performance. We hit a mahor milestone in April 2023, when we released Qbs 2.0. For mor details on the State of the Project, see the related blog post.

Getting Help and Submitting Bugs

Please report issues in our bug tracker.

Join our Discord server for live discussions.

You can use our mailing list for questions and discussions.

Source Repository

The main source code repository is hosted at codereview.qt-project.org.

The Qbs source code is also mirrored on code.qt.io and on GitHub.


There are several ways to contribute to Qbs.

First, try it in your project! If you encounter a bug or want a new feature to be added, report it to the bug tracker, Discord server or mailing list. See docs about how to install Qbs and start using it. The tutorial is also a great place to start.

Second, while developing a new functionality in your Project, such as when writing a new Module - consider making it public on GitHub and marking with a tag qbs-module.

Third, you might want to add a new feature yourself. In that case, the Contributing page is a place to start. You can always ask questions about how to implement the new feature in the best way on the Discord server.