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Qbs 2.0.1 released

The Qbs build tool version 2.0.1 is available.

What’s new

This is a minor bugfix release that contains several important fixes such as:

  • Fixed crash when importing missing JavaScript file (QBS-1730).
  • Fixed building applications with mingw toolchain and Qt6 (QBS-1724).
  • Added support for Xcode 14.3.
  • Fixed codesigning on macOS (QBS-1722).
  • Fixed detecting Xcode via the xcode-select tool.
  • Partially fixed Qt support on iOS for Qt6 (Qt versions up to 6.3 should work now correctly) (QBS-1732).
  • Qt is no longer being set up in qbspkgconfig provider when cross compiling (QBS-1717).

As usual, sources, binaries, change log etc can be found here.

This release of qbs is also part of Qt Creator 10.0.1.

Also, Qbs binaries are available via different package managers such as Chocolatey, Brew, macports and others.

Thanks to everybody who made the 2.0.1 release happen:

  • Christian Kandeler
  • Ivan Komissarov